1 Person wrote to us:
  1. When you have an older vehicle (like mine), it is essential to have people you can trust to keep it going. When I’ve taken my car to Mr. Transmission, they’ve explained their findings and stayed in touch during repair process. The car’s problems have been properly diagnosed and repairs made at a reasonable cost. I appreciate the courteous, efficient service and will recommend to others. Thanks gentlemen.

    June 20, 2016

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What Our Customers Say?

  • Scott Nachatilo ( Google + )
    This company provides top quality, professional service at a reasonable price.
  • Kim Anderson ( Google + )
    I feel completely confident that you guys will take care of my car needs!! I am so relieved to have finally found a place I can actually trust. Thank you to Roman and his amazing and capable team for already taking such wonderful care of me and my silver bullet!
  • Kent C. San Diego, CA ( Yelp )
    I want to thank Roman Combs (Owner), Dan Schrock (Master Certified Lead Tech), and Curtis Davis (Service Advisor) for such a wonderful experience at Mr. Transmission. I was on a 3000 mile road trip, passing through OKC, when my car began to overheat. It was the night before Xmas eve. They were open on Xmas eve to diagnose and fix my problem in a few ours. Never have I experienced such quality service and hospitality from a mechanic shop before. I can't praise them enough on their abilities to solve my car troubles, and allow my road trip to continue. If it wasn't for Dan Schrock's expertise, we would had to cancel my trip, leave my car in OKC, and fly to my destination (New York), or fly back home (Southern California). I'm so thankful for their care, I've decided to send the garage a gift basket.